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Message Subject Anyone here have any creepy "small town in the middle of nowhere" travel stories???
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I did a ghost tour in viginia city once and when we arrived we were the only people on the tour with this creepy old man host. So he walked us through the whole tour all around the city and the last destination was an old hospital, no longer in use. This old strange man locked us in the hospital all by ourselves to ghost hunt or really just walk around by ourselves but we were there alone set apart from the people who actually live there. This wasn’t a tourist time so the little city was pretty well empty. So it’s night time and we are alone walking around and I can’t help but think if we are murdered here nobody would know where we were or that we were even there. When he locked us in the building he left a knife on the counter and told us to use it if we needed it. Most of the lighting was off and the atmosphere was creepy enough but then I wondered if he was watching us on cameras from a nearby building. My suspicions on this were confirmed when I told my husband I had had enough of the hospital and shortly after the man came walking back. Of course I made it out ok but the whole thing was eerie.
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