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Message Subject Anyone here have any creepy "small town in the middle of nowhere" travel stories???
Poster Handle beenthere
Post Content
Back in 79 a buddy bought a used car, we decided to to r roadtripping to test it out,,, cooler full of beer we headed into Kansas, summer day , thunderstorms everywhere, lightning crashing,,, we got into the cornfield section, 7-8 ft tall corn on both sides of the road,,, couldn't see anything else,,, we drove till we hit a crossroads, sign had a town to the left ,,, said 6 miles,,, state hwy to the right,, we went right,,, drove for half a hour, next crossroads guess what left turn, same town name,, 6 miles,,, we drove for 2 hours trying to get out of those corn fields, every intersection we came to had the same town 6 miles left turn,,, we decided NO WAY in HELL are we going to that town,,, finally found our way out....
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