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Message Subject Anyone here have any creepy "small town in the middle of nowhere" travel stories???
Poster Handle Not Myself
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Lived in a remote location one time. Sixty miles from the closest town. Twenty miles from the highway. Nothing but old half-blown down buildings from the gold mining days out there....and our tiny community of houses way out in the middle of it.

There was a trailer next door that I was told was abandoned.

The first night I moved in, my security light on that side of my house got smashed.

Then my chickens started going missing.

One day we got up the nerve to go over there. Peeked in the window.

There was a man in there who looked so decomposed that he could have played a zombie in a high definition movie and been completely believable. But he was still breathing, and looking right at us.

I never slept right again.
 Quoting: TlvmmCpoft

Was he eating chicken?

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