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Message Subject Ebola warning US - Update: now believed to be airborne - heads up!!!!!
Poster Handle Pooka
Post Content
Interesting thread, thanks for the great information! This news about measles is concerning to me, especially in lieu of the increased occurrence of measles they've been hyping in the US's MSM (Coincidence? Hmm... dont recall hearing about spontaneous measles outbreaks in Congo...)

I've never had the measles, but I remember that years ago, it was regarded about the same as chicken pox. Not fun, to be sure, but not a great epidemic capable of mass fatalities, the way they seem to tout it today.

87,000 measles cases seems pretty crazy. I hope they aren't bioengineering some Ebola-measles hybrid. If they've introduced the measles virus, through any number of vectors, in hopes of it combining with or causing mutations in the Ebola virus, this would be very concerning.
 Quoting: WonderlandAlice

To suddenly have 87,000 cases of measles beggars one's beliefs! I would say it is impossible, based on my own knowledge which would not cover the country, the circumstances, etc. Still, is that really possible? To spontaneously and suddenly have such an epidemic? Ebola in incredibly contagious - why would there be more measles than ebola? Very curious indeed.

Thank you for your post.
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