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Message Subject Ebola warning US - Update: now believed to be airborne - heads up!!!!!
Poster Handle Pooka
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Someone mentioned earlier the possibility of an ebola/measles hybrid. This could happen in theory, with the supposed measles and ebola outbreak in the Congo area going on at the same time.

Two different viruses can inhabit the same cell, this could result in a new virus made up of the parts of the other two. They say this only occurs rarely though. But with both diseases happening at the same time, and ebola's ability to mutate quickly, it would make for the ideal breeding ground for this to happen.

Also, from what I know of measles it wasn't an especially fatal disease. Not many people died from it. I heard they used to have measle parties, where everyone would bring their kids to get exposed, so they'd get it over with. Now they are saying large numbers of African people are dying from it? Perhaps they are actually dying from ebola, and they're reporting it to be measles. That's where the measles being code for ebola would come in. Either way you look at it, this is getting spooky.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77100776

Yes, it certainly is!

People in NY are having measles parties, or were recently, and it's a very reasonable thing to do. I had both kinds of measles as a child and came through without difficulty. It's not a serious illness for most of us. Pregnant women must avoid one type, I believe the one formerly called "German measles" but other than that - it's all highly suspect, isn't it?
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