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Message Subject Ebola warning US - Update: now believed to be airborne - heads up!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
After reading an article today on drudge, really getting concerned (africans coming across the border with rolls of 100 dollar bills - and I tried posting the article here, but wasn't allowed to, for some reason). The article is on the american mirror.

Pooka, I asked this on another thread, but will ask here. Are you already wearing the nitrile gloves, masks, and goggles out in public right now? And if you are, like when you go to a grocery store, how to other people react (like fear, complacent acceptance, anger, rudeness, totally ignoring it, etc)?

I'm just wondering at what point you feel the need to wear these protective items, and if so, does it produce local panic in the community, or whatever it does...

Thank you.
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