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Message Subject how is he still alive
Poster Handle Gami
Post Content

Is your counterpart perhaps CookieTheSorceress?

If so, you both enjoy your LARP.

Really though......you do need to re-evaluate scripture. I think you have it wrong.

I am not here to hate on you, but to educate.
 Quoting: Osmium76

No I only know her from passing...See you can't base everything going on on the bible...bible doesn't include the players involved now...I base my war loosely on the Bible...
 Quoting: King Triad

YOUR war?
 Quoting: Osmium76

I am the leader of God's army. we have been fighting aliens and terrorists covertly since 1998...US govt also declared war on me and my army in 1998...
 Quoting: King Triad

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