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Message Subject how is he still alive
Poster Handle Shazzaam
Post Content
the lord said : here brethren come see.

And low and behold They did see at the breach of the mountain.

Across the plain two white silk skins and the oxen.

Once of a plow and a fair lady dressed in scarlet.

The plow man worked night and day for a leather of shekels to bath in the wines of the lady.

To the east was a temple of mighty men in ruin and to the west a beggars village.In the north was a great fog as thick as mud.In the south was a fire pit spewing ash and brimstone.

The temple of the Lord was no more in the land and the holy city seems broken and in waste.

The water was no place for a living creature and the leaders of old lay in shackles of iron.Men of wealth and promise were as bones.

Then from the pain of the land came a man as god to proclaim judgement on all the souls dead and alive.The man of Death ,life, and salvation.The one of the four winds and ride a white horse with a flaming sword called The word.

The lord Spoke again saying all these tribulations will come to pass shortly.Even as a temple of a dome stands on my ground.Judgment comes quick. Many are chosen but few are redeemed.As a thistle bush blooms the end is nigh.... and so on....
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