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Message Subject how is he still alive
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Because hes playing chess with God
While you fags play on tinder with std infested betty
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 70862680

OMG that is funny.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 41891545

you know let me add to that because although it is funny it is the reason the apocalypse is happening and demonstrates how ill equipped we are to handle to what is about to start happening.

these men and the women who are just like them (incapable imps not because that is what they are but because they and they alone for various reasons choose to be that way... apathy. complacency... insanity...) are the so called people ruling the world right now. it can be a home a business a country a town. this is what is at the helm.

what is about to start happening is that each of us is going to have to start taking responsibility for not our money but our lives. what is going on there. and all this man wants to do is sit there picking his nose playing with his ding dong waiting for the next time to go and play like a child sit in front of the tv like a mindless blob get drunk have sex buy more shit he doesn't need. when he's not picking his nose and eating it too that is all he wants to do.

imagine a man sitting there his business family town is under attack and this is all he wants to do? his business is failing his country is being torn apart and he stomps his feet cause he just wants to like a two year old play! the world is ending because of him and his concern is he isn't going to get laid anymore.

this man is about as ill-equipped to handle everyday problems in a normal this is what we know as life world what is he going to be and do with the apocalypse? referring to those who can't like rats jump ship rodents run underground to their bunkers and hide. those who have to face what we have done as a people what is about to start happening to all of us as a result of it.

this should send chills up your spine when you realize this is who we trust who we put our blind faith in who we think is keeping us safe....

so it is funny. but it is not fucking funny.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 41891545

Let me add one last thing. This is the worst part of it all. This is why they are always making this all about her! Who they love to refer to as a him. To distract everybody. To keep you from seeing them! And how serious our predicament is as a people.

It is not about her. me. It is about all of us. When you realize this and apply your comments to the bigger picture of all of us your perspective on all of this will change to a much scarier vision. This is not about me. It is about every square inch of this world.

Until the light has brought every square inch of this world back to the light these men are at the helm of what is about to happen (in certain spaces and even in those where the light grows stronger they still have influence there). This is going to start changing here big time but there are certain spaces in this world that are like black holes the light cannot reach them and until the light gets strong enough to reach them this is what is in control of those spaces.

That means these imbeciles will be picking their nose asa they are on tinder and facebook twitter as your town is being attacked and/or falling apart crashing and burning - that is where the mind is all they want to do. they could care less about you protecting you your family even their own family! keeping anybody safe they are insane that should be clear. If it isn't yet then it will be.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 41891545

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