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Message Subject Simple Question: if you do not believe in God, why don't you?
Poster Handle mport81
Post Content

The Big Bang did not come from nothing, it came from a singularly, which is definitely not nothing.
 Quoting: mport81

Actually you mean a singularity...

The initial singularity was a gravitational singularity of seemingly infinite density thought to have contained all the mass and space-time of the Universe before quantum fluctuations caused it to rapidly expand in the Big Bang and subsequent inflation, creating the present-day Universe. The instant immediately following the initial singularity is part of the Planck epoch, the earliest period of time in the history of the universe.

Simple question: what created the initial singularity in the beginning of time itself?
 Quoting: Masiro®

Yeah, my auto-fill didn’t want to use Singularity.

There are many possible causes of the Singularity:
it’s the white hole output of some black hole.
It’s the result of a previous universes gravitational collapse.
It’s the result of the collision of two other universes.
Who knows. But just because we don’t know yet, doesn’t mean God.

That is called “The God of the gaps” . Using God as the only explanation for things we din;t yet understand
 Quoting: mport81

That's an interesting theory our universe was created by the collapse of yet another universe through a white hole...

and yet you can no more prove it than you can disprove God exists...
 Quoting: Masiro®

I never claimed I could disprove God. There just, in my opinion, isn’t any proof he exists
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