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Message Subject Simple Question: if you do not believe in God, why don't you?
Poster Handle ~Newton's Own~
Post Content
Feel the hate?

I don't believe or disbelieve in God but I don't hate you for believing.

For me I have listened to The Bible up to Psalms. I find it interesting. I need to listen to the rest of it.

I have a hard time believing though because of all the bad stuff I see.

Take my Grandma for example. She believed in God and now she has alzheimer's. She can't even wipe herself properly.

Or take my mother...she has always been abusive. I have asked God to change her but she is still the same.

I also find it odd how people thank God...God didn't destroy my house in that tornado. However little Ms Betty house down the street is fucked...I guess she didn't pray hard enough.
 Quoting: MostlySunshine

Snails and stars do not expect fairness and neither should we.

However, God does intervene from time to time.
 Quoting: ~Newton's Own~

Sorry but I've never heard a snail or a star talk.

Also it still doesn't explain why God would turn a woman from a functional adult into someone who has to be watched in the bathroom because she can't wipe and will play in her own feces. A woman who went to church on on a regular basis.

Or why God would let a woman abuse her children on a daily basis.

If God does intervene from time to time then why do you think he doesn't all the time?

Ms Betty must have been a bitch that's why her prayers didn't work.
 Quoting: MostlySunshine

I watched my grandfather go through alzheimers for 12 years.

Every single day my grandmother would go to his care home and feed him, take care of him, change his socks make sure he had clean clothes.

I often asked God why.

This was one of the best men I'd ever known, a complete gentleman, WWII vet and Godly man.

I always asked why, I couldn't understand.

Until I saw the changes in my grandma. Loving him, taking care of him everyday, even though he didn't remember her.

Then I knew.

God send us difficulties in the ones we love so that it brings out the best in us.

Its all for our good.

Praise God, it is right to praise Him!
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