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Message Subject Simple Question: if you do not believe in God, why don't you?
Poster Handle Masiro®
Post Content

Snails and stars do not expect fairness and neither should we.

However, God does intervene from time to time.
 Quoting: ~Newton's Own~

Sorry but I've never heard a snail or a star talk.

Also it still doesn't explain why God would turn a woman from a functional adult into someone who has to be watched in the bathroom because she can't wipe and will play in her own feces. A woman who went to church on on a regular basis.

Or why God would let a woman abuse her children on a daily basis.

If God does intervene from time to time then why do you think he doesn't all the time?

Ms Betty must have been a bitch that's why her prayers didn't work.
 Quoting: MostlySunshine

Maybe she was...

God only knows...
 Quoting: Masiro®

HAHA so I guess you think I deserved to be abused when I was a child. I guess I was a baby bitch and deserved it.

 Quoting: MostlySunshine

My beatings for the stuff I did as a child were legendary...
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