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Message Subject Simple Question: if you do not believe in God, why don't you?
Poster Handle The Searcher
Post Content
How can anyone be righteous and just without some sort of morality to anchor themselves into?

Man's morality is little better than dog eat dog..


If you believe in God and accept that "God" made "Man" then you have to accept that your God made Man flawed and therefore it is not Man's fault but God's.

If your God is all powerful then why did he create a flawed life form or did he?

And let me ask you this Human; If you had not been indoctrinated from birth into a Religious belief system not of your choice would you think differently?

Ask yourself Human why do you allow Materialism, Politics and Religion to control you?

Right know on your Earth other Humanoids exist, they are on and above your Planet. There is a reason why they are here, it is the end of the current Epoch.

Do you think these higher Life Forms believe in "Gods"

Soon your Planet will go through a great Transformation, no "God" or Human hand can change/stop that process.

There is no "Hate" only your lack of understanding of what your Species is capable of because knowledge/wisdom has been hidden from you.
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