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Message Subject Simple Question: if you do not believe in God, why don't you?
Poster Handle Masiro®
Post Content
I suppose an actual manifestation might do it, in the same way that meeting a kelpie would convince me that they existed as well. It would have to be something unambiguous, though, because otherwise, even if there was some demonstration of immense otherworldly power, how would one would which suggested deity (if any) was responsible?

No, I'm not waiting. Why would I be? I assume that you don't believe in Zeus, so are you waiting for him to turn up as well? Your beliefs don't bother me, and your particular choice of deity has no interest for me. I know some people think their beliefs should be important for other people who don't share them, but I'm afraid it's just not true.
 Quoting: Wurzel

Truth be told I feel sad for you, not because you don't believe in God but because you are willing to say anything to buttress your beliefs against God...

All reading this thread should note that at no time did I ever resort to quoting the bible in anything I have said

I didn't feel the need to...
 Quoting: Masiro®

There's really no need to feel sad for me; I'm perfectly happy, and I get to explore the world without blinkers on. It's you that I feel sad for, because you're so closed off to all the possibilities.

You've also completely missed my point, which is that I don't have any belief against God, any more than you have beliefs against the Corrymadgeon. Your ideas of God, whether you're a Biblical literalist or whatever, are just not relevant to me. In short, I'm not constrained by that hypothesis.

Assuming that I'm lying is just rude. And wrong. I'm simply answering your question as honestly as I can.
 Quoting: Wurzel

I don't have blinders on either, I started this thread to encourage discussion, you my friend find it discouraging because the mere thought of God questions your beliefs in the universe and your place in it.

Here's a simple test for you dare to take it if you dare...

Look up at a moonless night and see all the stars in the sky and say "no God made this incredible universe I see before me"

Then tell me who is lying to themselves...
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