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Message Subject Simple Question: if you do not believe in God, why don't you?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
What you call "god", I call "the universe".

Once you understand quantum entanglement and how to participate in the 4th dimension, the notion of a fictional human embodiment (aka "god") becomes obsolete.
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Lol, ok.

What you believe requires more faith than believing in your Creator.
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Well what you believe is actually invalidated by engaging in critical thinking and critical questioning...

You say there's a 'Creator'.... Okay let's go with that thought and ask the important and pertinent questions that need to follow...

A 'Creator' that creates everything out of what substance or material? What is everything made with if there is a 'Creator' that creates everything? If you believe you were created by something higher than you,then created with what??? Shouldn't that be the most important question?

You obviously can't answer this question by suggesting everything was created from 'nothing' that came before it... That's nonsensical I think we can agree...

The only way to answer such an important question is the suggest that this alleged 'Creator' must create things with itself, or from within itself...

But the critical thinking/perceiving cannot stop there... If everything that exists is created with and within what you allege to be a 'Creator' (deity)... Then this omnipresence that now exists makes up the totality of reality, and the notion of these distinct or separate 'creations' and distinct/separate 'gods/deities' found in various world religions is completely invalidated... It's a false construct, it's not reality...

There can be no separate or distinct 'you' and no separate or distinct 'creator' existing at the same time... Yet this is exactly what many religions try to claim...

Since you can't claim that everything that exists is created from nothing - the only answer to that question is that everything is created from something that already exists (and always exists)... And this something that already exists and always exists - makes up EVERYTHING... Omnipresence (existing everywhere and in everything)... And you cannot have omnipresence while claiming there is something separate or distinct from you (or anyone else)... You cannot have omnipresence and then refer to someone as 'godless' or that certain people die and go to a place where there is 'no god present'... Not possible... Yet religions push all sorts of fallacies and contradictions - with no accountability...

And self-proclaimed atheists who think/perceive that the physical body is the source of their consciousness or conscious energy - they also have it incorrect...
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