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Message Subject Simple Question: if you do not believe in God, why don't you?
Poster Handle TheLordsServant
Post Content
I'm not satisfied with the limited Christian definition of what they consider God.

Their finite concept that God is some old dude floating around in Heaven that loves to send bad people to the fires of Hell is pretty shallow. The various Christian flavors are really adept at coercing blind faith and uneducated acceptance of parables as absolute facts. Christianity is excellent at stifling Spirituality.

I have grown past their dogma and have found a better understanding that fits my spiritual quest for truth.
 Quoting: Denizen Deplorable 2020

A few do but certainly not all.

Read the Bible. Follow no one man's interpretation nor one single denomination. Pretty much all get at least one thing wrong.

Consider these thoughts...

Hundreds of people AND thousands of places mentioned in the Bible are proven to exist.

And there is not one single shred of evidence OF ANY KIND that actually DISPROVES anything in the Bible.

***No people in the Bible have been proven to have NOT existed.

***No places in the Bible have been proven to have NOT existed.

***No events in the Bible have been proven to have NOT have happened.
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