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Message Subject Simple Question: if you do not believe in God, why don't you?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content


You have to understand one thing most dont believe,because of their EGO

That's right EGO

They can fathom that their is something above them a higher power

Now, some will say how can I believe in something that doesn't exist?

Stupid question, how do they know God doesknt exist?

Then they will say we wheres the proof God exist?

Well, you are here aren't you?

Then they will say big bang, or we came from the ocean, we evolved from tadpoles or germs, or microcosms, or some stupid shit like these things

What they fail to understand is a big bang which actually would be impossible without something in space existing first wouldnt make sense, and for it to align planets perfectly for earth to have life isnt possible

Also, if they cant believe God could have existed from nothing then how could the big bang come.from nothing?

Then if we evolved from the ocean or microcosm then where did that come from?

Something created all these things

So, if something created all these things why cant it be a God? Why cant people just believe?

It cost nothing to believe

Think of life like this, this is to the non believers

If you believe in God and jesus and you die and they dont exist, so what?

You didn't lose anything

But if you dont believe and you die and they do exist now you risk losing everything if believing is the way to heaven and non believers go to hell

So what does it hurt to just believe? Nothing

It's all about their EGO

Some may not choose to believe because they like to sin and do things against Gods laws

So. By not believing they can do whatever and not feel they will have consequences after death

If they believe in God then they feel like they ate held accountable for their sins

Some people are just brain washed by People serving Satan

The greatest trick Satan ever did was making people believe he doesnt exist and God doesnt exist
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 76720150

Pascal’s Wager, again?

You can’t tell someone to “just believe, because you might be wrong”

To say it would cost nothing is nuts, you are saying I should live a lie on the off chance there is a God, because it minimizes the risk of going to hell.
 Quoting: mport81

Nope, not saying live a lie at all

So, you are assuming God is a lie?

Just by making that statement proves you have no clue

I said what does it hurt to believe?

Why not just believe in God and Jesus?

There's no harm in it, it cost nothing

There's no reason not to believe

Believe and if when you die there is no God then so what you lose nothing

I didn't say pretend to believe

I said BELIEVE that means put your faith in God

Pretending would be just saying ok I believe

That's not being saved and believing

If you going to believe you actually do it have faith

Dont live a lie

You cant pretend to believe God knows what's in your heart

So, have faith and believe

If you are wrong no big deal

If you are right you gain heaven
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 76720150

That's the type of faith that truly rests on sinking sand. Better to just not make anything up.
 Quoting: dogman17







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