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Message Subject All Old Bans Are Lifted....
Poster Handle Pvt_D
Post Content
Well it hasen't fixed my being censored here.

Does a paid account allow me to post to whatever threads I want to? I am being censored indirectly as I am banned by the account that posts a majority of links here - and yesterday owned 4 out of the 7 pinned threads at one point.
It's gotten so I cannot even comment on most hot subjects here anymore. sucks.
 Quoting: Pvt_D

No that's up to the person posting the thread if they allow you to post.
 Quoting: BBQ BOY™

well it is bs and I will not pay for an account then. :/

everyone here screams about freedom of speech but yet, I've been banned for nothing but speaking a conservative voice.
 Quoting: Pvt_D

Take my word for it an upgraded account is a lot better than just a registered account. Just saying.
 Quoting: BBQ BOY™

Not really if I can't voice my opinion on a majority of the topics here. It is frustrating. You should try it.
Write up a good response to something, only to see a message "you have been banned by the poster..." - awww crap - not again. Waste of time. I try not to shop as to who's posts I read but the subject of the posts - can't do that as I am always wasting my time trying to contribute my opinion.
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