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Message Subject All Old Bans Are Lifted....
Poster Handle USCrusader_1
Post Content
I was the second GLP member with a locked account to request unlocking USCrusader1 at 11AM this morning.

Seems everyone else is unlocked and posting except me. :(

My old email server has long been out of service.
When I try to log in to my 'newly' restored unlocked USCrusader1 account it goes to the 'Forgot your Password' page, which only sends the reset PW to the dead email server.

I cannot log into the USCrusader1 account.

Can the 'Forgot your Password' page be reset?, and the account login use last password? or some default PW? or maybe use the login email address as pw?

This is a login problem not a 'Locked out' GLP member problem.
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