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Message Subject o.k. gplers..lets get back to this 1973 thing with the prophecy tie in and our economic futures and the futures of our youth..
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to begin, end of the worlders are the false prophets, and we have pretty much gotten past that...common sense tells us that ther is never going to be an end of the world as that would be proof that GOD is not omnipotent and we believers all know that HE his.(HE would never let any entity completely destroy what HE created)....

so endtime means the end of something all right but not the complete destruction of the planet..iwhat it does mean is the end of the whore of Babylon and the energy price manipulators that created the military petroleum complex which will be the whores muscle at the battle AT armageddon(armageddon is a place)...

lets get going on this and begin the process of moving off distraction and destabilization propaganda in this forum...fire when ready futurists...and we thank you for your support..
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