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Message Subject YouTube's Susan Wojcicki Apologizes After Demonetizing and Removing Hundreds of Channels
Poster Handle darkwolf007
Post Content
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77633169

as fucking if I'm gonna complete a captcha to comment on a video!
disqus can go fuck themselves
 Quoting: Cartel™


Pretty much! YouTube is king after debacle after debacle purely because of user friendliness AND most YouTubers earned an actual income in real life from ad revenue from up to every video they uploaded provided they met the ad revenue requirements. Besides, I've had more than enough issues with Disqus and other similar Internet measures on other sites over the years. If you can't just type or tap out your message(s) on an Internet and press or click on "Send" and it quickly posts on said Internet video then you've completely lost why YouTube has been unbeatable in Internet video streaming services.
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