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Message Subject YouTube's Susan Wojcicki Apologizes After Demonetizing and Removing Hundreds of Channels
Poster Handle Wondering Mind
Post Content
I keep wondering if the Bolshevik Democrats know they are handing Trump his re-election on a silver platter? The crazier they act the more voters that leave them behind.

The thing is the main stream social medias are one big Mafia that collude with each other. Their conspiracies are endless but more and more coming to light.

They should all be broke up under the Sherman Anti-Trust law and then individuals that committed illegal acts should be all prosecuted under the RICO (organized crime) laws.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77345463

I've been wondering if these Leftists have been doing what they have been doing for years now so they can successfully create a situation where up to all of us non-Leftists are forced to answer... or perish if one does not answer. These Leftists are not winning because they're so fricken awesome at their jobs. They're winning because they're doing literally whatever it takes to win, and that includes breaking not only our Laws, but our U.S. Constitution as necessary.

[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

You don't need to see all of RichieFromBoston's video. Just click to the 10:40 mark. The Bill that is in the Senate now is fricken real!! [link to www.congress.gov (secure)] Congress is owned by these fucking Leftists already! Most likely this Bill will get voted into Law either by Congress itself, or Trump himself signs it into Law.

For those of you who do not know there is a process where Congress can forcibly make vetoed Bills from the President of the United States of America into Law. I believe this process has been invoked a number of times since the creation of our Country. Should the Equality Act become Law it singlehandedly destroy our 1st Amendment Rights in it's entirety right then and there forever.

The ideal situation(s) these Leftists absolutely need to be able to take over this country forever they are currently creating that situation bit by bit sometimes by leaps and bounds. Like I've been saying accurately for over a year now, these Leftists know precisely what they are doing and they are winning almost constantly. We are the true losers here, and these Leftists are the true winners because they are fighting fang and claw for they want while we sit around bitch, bitch, and bitch online only! Not a single one of us deserves our Rights when not a single one of us stands up for our Rights in the ways that counts the most...
 Quoting: darkwolf007

There are those who fight the good fight in our areas while they are not out there fighting in areas they are not from or represent.
They put in law suits and watch everything that is being done and follow up on it continuously.
The thing about it is that the ones causing the losses, damages and risks to even lives are doing it outside out State and area to us.
Some will connect with nefarious other Sates Reps and go by those most damaging of Reps ways in implementing them on other States against the peoples wishes.
The rich 3 top ones are buying our Nation and States right out from under us and have allied with any enemy to us and our Nation against us.
Just take look at who is Bill Gates greatest funder and you find it is not an American at all, it is the worst of the worst to be funding him in our Nation.
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