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Message Subject YouTube's Susan Wojcicki Apologizes After Demonetizing and Removing Hundreds of Channels
Poster Handle oniongrass
Post Content

Jesus the Nazarene is said to "redeem" people.

Redemption is when you take something AWAY from a state of holiness so it can be used for mundane purposes. So you can be holy, or you can put Jesus the Nazarene in your place so you can be non-holy. What a great idea! /s (I don't think he's ever quoted as supporting such a ridiculous idea btw; he was a rabbi and would have laughed at it. This "lamb of Gd, redeemer" idea seems to have come later.)

Even if you still want to be redeemed: A lamb is an unusual thing to use for redemption by the way. A goat would be a more normal thing to use. The only thing you can redeem with a lamb is a donkey. Are we donkeys, valuable beasts of burden?

To redeem a human first-born, it takes money.
 Quoting: oniongrass

Did you fail to notice that the old testament condemns all gentiles to death or slavery?

There may be a connection to why old testament believers of any stripe are so malignant in summary condemnation of Christians
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 76626437

Yes I failed to notice that, because it doesn't. It just says they should follow the 7 Laws of Noah.
 Quoting: oniongrass

You dropped your yad.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77242505

Not sure what that's about, but also I didn't condemn anyone. I just made a critical analysis of an oft-cited belief system, in case anyone was interested.

You may not have noticed but what I said is nowhere in the Old Testament, not stated so clearly anyway. It's in the Talmud (Bekhorot, around 6a or b). As Jesus the Nazarene noted, that collection of "traditions of the elders" was used by rabbis -- and he was a rabbi. But he pushed back on some of the legalistic tendency and over-reverence for rabbis, and I agree with that.)

Don't worship rabbis either, even those said to be the greatest. Read it yourself.
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