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Message Subject Average person swallows plastic equivalent to a credit card every week, report finds
Poster Handle ALL IS ONE IS ALL
Post Content
The average person now ingests five grams of plastic each week, the equivalent of a credit card, a new report by WWF has found.

Researchers found that people are consuming up to 102,000 tiny pieces of plastic of less than 1mm - 250 grams each year - with nearly 90 per cent coming from water, both bottled and tap. Other foods with highest plastic levels include shellfish, beer and salt..

In Europe around 72 per cent of tap water now contains plastic with nearly two plastic fibres found per 500ml.

Some types of plastic carry chemicals and additives which have been shown to influence sexual function, fertility and increase the occurrence of genetic mutations and cancers.

[link to www.telegraph.co.uk (secure)]
 Quoting: Tess.

Plastic is the cause of Morgellons disease... that is why the fibers are plastic like. Imagine what over time this can do to all your organs.

I've seen this issue come up more and more lately. I get the feeling they're going to use this to explain Morgellons. It is, of course, nano tech. They're "blanketing the world in evil nano dust" remember. The internet of things, they want to read everything on the planet. These are the "tiny wires" Elon Musk speaks of regarding the brain initiative. They will interface with the chips they want to implant us all with.

I've noticed people's skin more and more lately. They can't hide this for too much longer so they need an excuse.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 69164767

It is the plastic .. being from oil.. it has a life to it of sorts and reproduces in the body when its there in those tiny amounts. This as information given to me by Arch Angel Raphael probably more than 10 years ago now. The safest plastic to consume is PETE. It does not do this.. check and see what your containers are made of. PETE has the number on on the recycle image.. and it is shiny. easy way to tell. #2 HDPE is fairly safe.. anything else.. be careful.

all molecules.. are nano.. that is overdone HYPE
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