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Message Subject BREAKING! Situation out of control in Hong Kong!
Poster Handle oniongrass
Post Content

Oh that. The poor tank driver from the provinces did his best to avoid that asshole, but he was ordered to get to Tiananmen Square. Did you know that some people were opening the hatches of those tanks and throwing in Molotov cocktails, killing the troops from the countryside who were just following orders?

Tiananmen Square was stupid too. The place is the very center of the Chinese government, and they were allowed to camp there for months, embarrassing the government with their stupid "Statue of Liberty" thingie. The government pleaded with them to leave.

How long would the USA allow the Mall in DC (which is not as central or important as Tiananmen Square) be occupied. See: "bonus march". Or even Waco -- we won't even allow an open field in Texas to be occupied.

Not only do I remember it. I've been to speeches by two of the leaders of it, including Wang Dan who is a pussy and wouldn't take questions from people who might know something. Both he and the other one (a woman who wasn't as famous but also an organizer of it) are the usual leftist SJW crybully types.
 Quoting: oniongrass

Looks like we have a full blown ^commie^ in our midst.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32047989

Which single statement did I make that's incorrect? And I'm a Republican by the way, you can look at my old posts and you won't find much communism there.
 Quoting: oniongrass

Because you're suggesting those people back in the 80's were wrong in what they were doing. I only remember what the USA media was showing us back then, but knowing their government and the rulings, those people were uprising against the tyranny. They had balls to stand against China. You're deflating their balls and the history they represented to their peoples of today. Not embarassment, but an awakening for China.
As for how we handle shit in America, well, we're writing on this website that would be banned in china and the chinese wouldn't even know it exists.
 Quoting: Arius

Yes, you only know what was on the US media then. I've talked to many Chinese about it, I've heard from and evaluated the leaders of it. I just know a lot more about it than you do.

So why don't you work from more facts, starting from what I wrote? The reason Wang Dan came to out of the way places in the USA for his publicity tour is that he didn't want informed questions. When he was about to get one, his numerous handlers hustled him off the stage and out of there.
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