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Message Subject BREAKING! Situation out of control in Hong Kong!
Poster Handle Lily o' the Valley
Post Content
If a revolution begins in Hong Kong, this could play nicely into Trump's hands in regards to the tariff situation.

Will keep a close eye on this situation, this could end up becoming a very significant global event.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 40169223

Yeah, more China tanks in the street running over protestors. Most young people don't remember that scene.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32047989

Oh that. The poor tank driver from the provinces did his best to avoid that asshole, but he was ordered to get to Tiananmen Square. Did you know that some people were opening the hatches of those tanks and throwing in Molotov cocktails, killing the troops from the countryside who were just following orders?

Tiananmen Square was stupid too. The place is the very center of the Chinese government, and they were allowed to camp there for months, embarrassing the government with their stupid "Statue of Liberty" thingie. The government pleaded with them to leave.

How long would the USA allow the Mall in DC (which is not as central or important as Tiananmen Square) be occupied. See: "bonus march". Or even Waco -- we won't even allow an open field in Texas to be occupied.

Not only do I remember it. I've been to speeches by two of the leaders of it, including Wang Dan who is a pussy and wouldn't take questions from people who might know something. Both he and the other one (a woman who wasn't as famous but also an organizer of it) are the usual leftist SJW crybully types.
 Quoting: oniongrass

Sigh. Admirable job, wumao. I hear that the CCP has redoubled efforts to make sure their soft propaganda campaign convinces the civilized world that they are just ol' softies suffering from bad foreign press.

First of all, the students did not camp there for months. They had been gathering and listening to speeches on freedom for 2 weeks, not months.

Strike one.

The students did not open the hatches on the tanks until the PLA had already opened fire on the students and proven that they were out to kill. The students were first disbelieving, as they genuinely believed that their government was benign and would never injure the people. When they say students, staff and civilians die under gunfire... surprise! They turned on the tanks. Yeah, I would believe they did that. Probably most people here would do so. Self defense, you know,

Strike two.

The students and others gathered peacefully there were enjoying a rally on freedoms, suggestions for improving Communism itself, democracy and the like. There was no Statue of Liberty "thingie." The topics they were discussing are held to be responsible, ethical, mainstream topics in civilized countries. Maybe someday in Red China. Of course the government pleaded with them to leave. To save face you know. Duh.

Strike three.

Going to a lecture by two former Democracy activists does not make anybody an expert. Bad choice to establish credibility.

Strike four.

SJW crybabies are held in poor esteem in China. But the Tiananmen protesters aren't compared to SJWs, because it is forbidden to talk of Tiananmen in China. SJWs are determined to undermine the freedoms we have here. The protesters were hoping to establish a few basic freedoms in China.

Strike five.

The unfortunates in Waco had the public eye only because the government allowed it. The reverse is true in China. The 'bonus march' left few dead. For that matter, so did Waco. The US is not nearly so adept at murdering thousands of their own citizens as Communist China. Estimates of the dead at Tiananmen got into the thousands.

Strike six.

You have the tank driver was from the provonces because the CCP brought in provincials because they knew that local Beijing troops would not kill the protesters. In fact there were many troops who would not fire on the protesters, and many who put down their rifles and helped the doctors and medics attended to the wounded.

Strike seven.

Go back to Beijing, where your talents would be more appreciated.
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