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Message Subject BREAKING! Situation out of control in Hong Kong!
Poster Handle Lily o' the Valley
Post Content
Go commies! Eat each other up!
 Quoting: Timur2020

Hong Kong is not Communist.
 Quoting: Lily o' the Valley

China isn't either. Only Communist in name, revisionists inside the party have managed to restore capitalism. Another cultural revolution is needed.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77724551

Communist Party culture permeates China like water in a full sponge. They even refer to it a Party Culture. The entire 'Social Stability' enterprise is to subjugate the individual for 'the good of the whole', ie. The State.

The land the peasants 'own' is owned collectively and the village headmen (Communist Party cadres) frequently sell it and pocket the yuan, leaving the peasants to battle it out with the developers the cadres sold their land to. The State has the final say, and they said "Sell!"

Every little district can send a representative to the big Party Congress, providing that representative is a member of the Communist Party. The members of the Politburo run the country, and the Representatives rubber stamp all the measure they bring forth.

So don't go telling people that they are more capitalistic now, because although they allow the people in the cities some consumer goods and a little investment in State approved financial instruments, the State owns and controls the banks and what they can offer.

In a flash all that can be taken away from the investors, because in truth the State owns it all anyway.
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