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Message Subject BREAKING! Situation out of control in Hong Kong!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
All this about how the British had to give back Hong Kong to China is complete and utter bullshit! The people of Hong Kong are the country and they say no way! You all say you don't want elites ruling over you, well neither do the people of Hong Kong. I say POWER TO THE PEOPLE and the wicked governments be DAMNED!

At least the people over there are saying no to tyranny and are bravely marching in unison for their God given right to be free from the wicked President Xi who has declared himself a dictator for life and is starting to subjugate and crack the whip on his own people! He's a smiling monster who has beguiled the idiot western political leaders who take filthy lucre from him while people suffer oppression under his regime. Shame, shame,shame on the leaders who bend their knee to this tyrant!

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