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Message Subject Mum-of-two dies after teen 'rapes her with a car jack and rips her crotch out'
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Typical Russian male.

Just read the horror stories of how Russian men acted towards women and children after Germany's defeat in WW2.

They are less than dog shit on a sidewalk. Complete mongrels.
 Quoting: ^EyeSeeAll^

I've wondered about that.

My great grandparents died in the rape and slaughter of East Prussia in 1945.

Of course most people have never heard of that massacre.
 Quoting: Peepaws

Thank you for sharing that and I'm sorry to hear that they were victims of the mongrel Russians.

My entire lineage is almost exclusively from Saxony (where Dresden is located) so many of my relatives were assuredly lost to them at the end of WW2 as well.
 Quoting: ^EyeSeeAll^

Dresden was firebombed by the western allies you fool
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