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Message Subject Mum-of-two dies after teen 'rapes her with a car jack and rips her crotch out'
Poster Handle ^EyeSeeAll^
Post Content
Everyone hates the American caucasian for being "White Knightish," but as I've stated in the past- we avoid a lot of evils (like described in this article) by trending that way vs. trending towards misogyny.

Remember though, any war with Russia must be won at all costs because these are the pieces of shit our wives and daughters will be dealing with if we lose. Just like the Germans.
 Quoting: ^EyeSeeAll^

So you prefer our "wives and daughters" should have to deal with mexican men? LOL. They dont call mexicans favorite sleeveless T shirts "wife beaters" for nothing. And mexico still doesnt have an "age of consent" law.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77676729

No, actually you just projected that entire statement onto me.

Are you able to quote where I stated that because I dislike Russians, that I love Mexicans?
 Quoting: ^EyeSeeAll^

Russians are much more desirable of invaders than the third worlders that are invading now.

Using one murder by a crazy, horny, teenager, and the results of payback from a world war is hardly a reason to slander an entire country of fellow whites. Russia may the last holdout for whites after liberals get done destroying the west.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77676729

So you desire invaders to your nation? How about Russia and China both stay within the borders of their collective nations?

Russia is hardly the last hold out for whites. If anything, conservative America is.

They may have white skin but their values towards common decency don't reflect mine in the least.
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