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Message Subject Mum-of-two dies after teen 'rapes her with a car jack and rips her crotch out'
Poster Handle WalrusRider
Post Content

Um, he would still be better than the killer in the article, because he'd be doing it to a killer.

Simple equation:

Killing a killer is greater than killing an innocent.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward

I agree. I don't understand the people who say that killing a murderer makes you as bad as the murderer. No it doesn't. What makes the murderer so bad is that they kill innocent people for their own sick pleasure or selfish gain. Killing a murderer so that they have no chance of murdering anybody in the future is not even close to the same thing. It's a form of justice. We legally recognize that, which is why the death penalty exists in many countries.

I don't think that torturing people is right under any circumstance though, because that's not about preventing future murders or protecting society anymore. That's about bloody revenge.
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