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Message Subject I finally get it who is behind globalism
Poster Handle vEyeSea
Post Content
It's either the black nobility (the families you mentioned from Venice, at least) or it's the semites. Or the black Nobility is using them to do the dirty work while being managed at the top.

Either way they can be considered a breakaway civilization and are the enemy. They are the ultimate revolutionaries (as HG Wells labeled them). Wells said that the real revolutionaries wouldn't be some bum or hippy, but an extremely rich businessman or banker. Revolutions take money.

As an intersting aside, listen to "The Nameless War" narrated on youtube (while it's still there). Better yet, download it. (I use mp3fy.com). The author of the book was Capt Ramsey. He was in the house of commons when he wrote this book and was immediately thrown in prison for 4 1/2 years, no trial and no lawyer. Let out right after his term was up. It's 5-6 hours long, but worth it. Easier than reading the book. The narrator gives explanations throughout.

[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]
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