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Message Subject I finally get it who is behind globalism
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
What’s with the multiple paragraphs? It’s J*e*w*s. That’s not a comment born of any sort of hate. Simply evidence and fact.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 75556322

Being one myself, I can guaranty you that no one in my family dominates the world.
Unlike European royal families:
The wealthiest aristocratic families in Europe
United Kingdom:

1) Windsor family -Royalty-

The Queen of UK and her family have 1 billion Sq. Metres of private land and 3,84 billion Sq. Metres of Royal land. Moreover 660 million Sq. Metres of the Lancaster estate belong to the Windsors. All the above produce an annual income of around 80 million Euro per year.

Prince Charles is th eowner of 1,5 billion Sq. Metres in Britain and receives over 20 million Euro annualy.

Other assets include the world famous palaces of Buckingham, Windsor and tens of mansions across England. Moreover a superb collection of 10,000 paintings from artists like Rembrand, Bruggel, Rafael and Van Dyke.

Furthermore the largest stamp collection is a Windsor property. On overall the Royal family has a fortune of 6 billion Euro and has under its administration other assets over 10 billion Euro. The latter belong to the crown but are controlled by the existing Royal family.

2) Duke of Westminster

The Duke is the largest property owner in London. His family -Grosvenor dating fro Norman times- acquired in the 16th century 3 million Sq. Metres in the centre of London. The Duke is also one of the largest real estate investors in Vancouver, Frankfurt, Paris and Brussels. His fortune exceeds 6 billion Euro.

3) Duke of Devonshire

The Duke own an estate in the Derby area of central England with a total surface of 700 million Sq. Metres. He also has a unique art collection with works of Da Vinci, Roubens and Veroneze. Other personal collections include horse breeding farms and real estate in Australia. His fortune is around 3 billion Euro.

4) Earl of Cadogan

The Earl has extensive real estate asets in London as well as 75 million Sq. Metres of land in Perthside. Along with his other assets his fortune is estimated in some 2 billion Euro.

Duke of Nurthumberland

The Duke is one of the welathiest landowners in UK. He owns 1,2 billion Sq, metres in Northumberland and 30 million Sq. Metres in Surrey, as well as various mansions in the London area. His fortune is around 1 billion Euro.

6) Princess Von Preussen

The Princess has a direct blood line from the Hohenzollern family and is also relative of the Royal family. She owns stakes in the Guiness corporation. She has assets of around 1 billion Euro.


1) Prince Hans Adam II

Thsi petite country in the Alps is probably the richest in the world and its head of state the Prince, one of the richest persons on earth.

His family comes from the Hapsburgs and his immense assets(Land, deposits, bonds, art) exceed 10 billion Euro.


1) Orange-Nassau-Royal family

The Dutch Royal family is an important stake holder in Shell corporation, Unilever and has prime real estate across Europe. Its fortune is around 10 billion Euro.


1) Grand Duke of Luxembourg-Head of state-

The Grand Duke ha svarious investments(Industry, bank deposits, gold real estate) and his wealth can be summoned in around 10 billion Euro.


1) Burbon family-Royal family-

The Spanish Royal family has assets all around th eworld and in Spain the island of Majorka is to an extent Royal property. Total fortune 3,5 billion Euro.

2) Duchess of Alba

The Duchess is one of the richest woman in Europe. Coming from the Haute Aristocracy of Spain she owns 2 billion Sq. Metres of land across the country including castles and mansions. She is also a major art collector and has unique art pieces mainly of the renaissance period. Total assets around 3 billion Euro.

Notice: The complillation of the facts were from a variety of sources and all the fortunes are by estimate. It is difficult to have a clear view of the assets of Aristocracy in Europe. For more information interested readers can contact the author.

Ioannis Michaletos, All Rights Reserved.
 Quoting: JADR+

Richest group in the U.S. = J*e*w*s.

Richest group in Russia = “Oligarchs” (J*e*w*s).

City of London banking = J*e*w*s.

I don’t give a f*ck if the Earl of Sandwich has the world’s biggest stamp collection.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 74621258

Not true ...

You seem to be giving a free pass to rich Protestant bankers and WASP families.
 Quoting: JADR+

They weren't the worst.
But everyone must be accused and shaken down, eh?

It's like harry's mesalliance.
Inveighs against "male, pale, and stale" but jumps at the chance to intermarry and spend the loot. Such principles.
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