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That's not good.... Is that a reliable source OP?
 Quoting: WyatteSmith

It's all over the place on Twitter.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 75927085

Wonder how the Qtards are going to spin this

Whole point of GMO was to export it to starving AFFIRMATIVE ACTION AMERICANS abroad so they haves the energy to stay in their shitholes country to demand change instead of coming to our country to demand a handout

The goal was to keep our own ORGANIC crops so we could have our bounty for ourselves

President Trump just 3rd WORLDED us on an industrial scale

We just got fucked so hard while Kushner gets to export all our NON-GMO to the chosen land

Now we know why they don’t want 5G
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 75460257

 Quoting: Chip

GMO is 5G resistant so we won’t see the immediate impact at the cellular level in our food

Won’t have to come up with excuses concerning why NON-GMO produce goes bad in half it’s normal duration

5G is the perfect technology because it solves the SOCIAL SECURITY crisis too

None of us peasants will live long enough to qualify for it
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