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ah ok. i didn't realize all you wanted was to hunt and grow all your own food everyday and never go to the grocery store again.

of course, during hunting season around here, you can kill enough duck/deer/etc. to feed your family all year if you really wanted to.

but i doubt you'll be able to do that either, since you probably don't want that new fangled technology called electricity either so you have no way to freeze it.
 Quoting: 1-2-Follow

You are conflating issues here.

I have no problem with electricity while I do have a problem with my kids getting cancer.

Is that ok for me to have that concern or...?
 Quoting: ^EyeSeeAll^

but i thought if you live underneath power lines it gives you cancer?
 Quoting: 1-2-Follow

Look man, if you want to eat GMO then eat your heart's-content.

I prefer to feed my children food that wasn't made for bugs.
 Quoting: ^EyeSeeAll^

so do i, and that's what i do. there is still choice. you guys are acting like this is something new.
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