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It's all over the place on Twitter.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 75927085

Wonder how the Qtards are going to spin this

Whole point of GMO was to export it to starving AFFIRMATIVE ACTION AMERICANS abroad so they haves the energy to stay in their shitholes country to demand change instead of coming to our country to demand a handout

The goal was to keep our own ORGANIC crops so we could have our bounty for ourselves

President Trump just 3rd WORLDED us on an industrial scale

We just got fucked so hard while Kushner gets to export all our NON-GMO to the chosen land

Now we know why they don’t want 5G
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 75460257

We AREN"T exporting wheat, corn, or soy. We CAN'T.... Or have you been napping for the last 2 years?

Many millions of acres are OFFLINE, this includes other countries our media does NOT discuss...

You can thank Trump later when there's only the shit gmo food to eat, because the other agriculture got the fuck pummeled out of it by the extreme weather trotting the globe

Btw, this is the very start of the grand solar minimum, and the weather/losses will get FAR worse....Because we pretty much grow everything at ground level in the open
 Quoting: M*walk

So why not say that then instead, unless Kushner has other ideas for our NON-GMO crop

I am looking for a NEWS STORY from around a week ago involving US AGRICULTURAL EXPORTS to the MIDDLE EAST

Israel is a no go zone for anything MONSANTOS and we already know GMO isn’t Kosher

Perhaps you’re right but so am I
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 75460257

Out of 9 pages, this is the only conversation worth a damn
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