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He has too....we adapt of die now....

I hate gmo as well but in the current circumstances with weather changes and crop losses if we don't adapt now we die.

What they wont tell you is that pesticide GMO ready crops aren't being promoted....

weather resistant crop are being promoted....

Trumps not dumb people....

They must find ways to get food production up in northamerica as where we will be growing food is changing....

The main push will be for crops that can take heat and cold...

Theres more to this than meets the eye people....

so until you actually get educated about whats a stake and what they will pass or oppose then relax....
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77724141

You are exactly right
 Quoting: M*walk

Imagine being this much of a Trump ballwasher like these guys

Hey guys, did he have to release those over 500 African illegals that crossed the border without screening them for Ebola?

What's your guys super secret take on that????

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