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Poster Handle akasuzanne
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All the trumptards will defend their orange god til the utter end.....fuck em all! Politicians, corporations,and military are the great evils trying to enslave humanity! Wake the fuck up you stupid fucks.....trump is the SWAMP....like obumbo, bushwacker, and Clinton i didn’t inhale. Wake up you tards....the end is near and yet you defend these sociopaths because the red team is greater then blue team and vice versa...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 75890110

which is CLEARLY NOT the case. I have a seen many pro Trump people including myself stretching their heads on this one. Shill off.
 Quoting: Cebeij

Ain’t nothing to scratch

Do you even understand what KOSHER means?

This thread was hijacked as soon as the one comment connected GMO and how it’s not KOSHER

If this crop disaster is as bad as they say, then we have a genuine conspiracy where it’s looking like President Kushner sold us out so the chosen have enough food while we get to eat genetically engineered poison

These people still can not grasp the significance of this

This is the perfect set up to replicate the food chain with GMO as 5G goes live so we can’t see the effects

Now we know why Israel rejected 5G
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 75495029

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