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Message Subject New HBO weekly from Sam Levison - underage minors sex with transgenders, kid refuses & walks off stage
Poster Handle superflyscot
Post Content
I wish I could explain what I feel.

I guess I'm just too busy with work and trying to cope with how this world is changing.

The sentiments you feel about this TV show...?

I felt the same way about Skins (an English BBC show from 2007).

Underage sex and drug use.

And here we go again.

Underage sex and drug use.

Now those actors from Skins are either playing big roles.

Nicholas Hoult is now Beast from X-Men and J.R.R Tolkien.

Or, in the case of Kaya Scodelario...

From 2008 to 2010, Scodelario lived alone in a flat in North London, saying that it is important for women to be "independent and strong". Scodelario has dyslexia...

She was voted 13th in the UK edition of FHM's 100 World's Sexiest Women 2010, which was probably compiled before she turned 18 a mere 26 days later...

[link to metro.co.uk (secure)]

In October 2017, as part of the MeToo movement, Scodelario revealed that she had been sexually assaulted thirteen years previously by somebody who is protected by "family members" in Brazil.

So, it's cool to have these dramas showing the youth of today...

But why the fuck are those acting in said shows - particularly but not only females - suffering the very same

We need to drain the swamp that is Hollywood.
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