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Message Subject New HBO weekly from Sam Levison - underage minors sex with transgenders, kid refuses & walks off stage
Poster Handle Weyoun
Post Content
This exploitation of transgender people needs to stop.

I know they have series about teen down syndrome kids and six hundred pound people.

But treating trans people like a freak show needs to stop, the sensationalism of it is wrong. They're just humans who have legitimate brain differences who are just born different. Plus i know the stars are of age, but they are playing under aged roles, and that is pretty much the same as roleplaying child exploitation which is also wrong.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 72725956

"They're just humans who have legitimate brain differences who are just born different."

Mmm, no. They're just humans who have a legitimate serious psychological problem who are damaged even more by people like you who indulge their mental problem.
 Quoting: aquanet

Actually new studies prove they have a brain that more closely resembles the brain of the gender they identify with than the one they were born with.

World health organization agrees
So do scientific journala like science daily.

Sorry but your wrong, try having some compassion
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 72725956

Their brain had been damaged and corrupted by ongoing abuse. Just like a smoker with black lungs. They weren't born that way. They become that way through abuse, either self-abuse or abuse by others. They need treatment and rehabilitation, not indulging in moar abuse.

Satanic libtards want to ban treatment and rehabilitation for their illness and make it illegal to not indulge their abuse, that is they force us to participate in the abuse.
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