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Message Subject Why do you libertards NOW support Globalism, Big Govt, The Fed, Open Borders, and High Taxes? WTF is wrong you people?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Libtards believe anything Trump says = evil.

RepuboCons believe everything any Dem says = evil.

It's an endless cycle of stupidity.

Maybe when you all wake up and figure out that we live in a modern day Feudal System via plutocracy, and that the politicians are only pretending to hate each other while stuffing their pockets with stolen public coffers, you'll wake up.

In the 1800's the wealthy Land-Owning elite and Railroadmen like the Vanderbilt's, Astor's, and Gould's owned the country.

These people had just about every politician, preacher, judge, newspaper, and public official paid off. Period. They all got rich through massive fraud, then they buy the country.

What the hell makes you think it's any different today? Instead today we have big tech, big pharma, big banks running the show.

They provide with you two bought & paid for candidates that you are supposed to pick the lesser of two evils of. None of these politicians work for you. They are put in place to enrich their masters.

They push both capitalism and socialism. Why? Because under a so-called 'capitalistic' system they will be able to exploit monopoly and ownership of the government. They will have 'laws' past that will never apply to them, with petty fines if any judgement is issued. They will simply force everyone else out of business via their paid for politicians.

Under a socialistic system they will have monopoly high-bid contracts with the government, high-interest loans and securities, and still own the government. Hell even Stalin & Hitler never bombed their bankers. They are were all full of shit. Bought & paid for.

New players, old same game.

The only solution would be for an amendment to the constitution explicitly stating that a citizen appointed public trial shall occur yearly for each and every government employee, at which time any evidence of accepting 3rd party benefits of all kinds(bribes) to manipulate public policy could be brought. The punishment would be public hanging.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77723419

They will never wake up, they are not even 10% woke.
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