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Message Subject Why do you libertards NOW support Globalism, Big Govt, The Fed, Open Borders, and High Taxes? WTF is wrong you people?
Poster Handle Shadow Dance
Post Content
Globalist don't care about anyone but themselves ... they are old, and want to rule the world before they die

the brainwashed libtards repeat the lame excuses they give for having a better plan (think the New Green Deal) ... but the Globalist know that their plan only works if the World's population is reduced to 50million (thing GA guidestones)

The libtards have been chemically lobotomotized - they like being slaves ...because it doesn't require them to be responsible for anything

there is NO WAY to "convert" them to being Independent in any form ... they are not capable of original thought - they are no longer real humans - they have altered their own DNA with frankenfoods and WIFI
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