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Message Subject Why do you libertards NOW support Globalism, Big Govt, The Fed, Open Borders, and High Taxes? WTF is wrong you people?
Poster Handle BirdMom
Post Content
Globalists keep complaining about the West's carbon footprint regarding energy usage, but they don't go into detail about how that energy is used.

Since most Westerners live in temperate zones, about half of the energy is used for heating and cooling, so you don't freeze to death in the winter or have granny die of heat stroke in the summer.

As for the remaining half, a good percent of it is spent on food production and distribution.

The largest food exporter in the world is the USA, shipping out 159 million metric tons of food each year. It's a big reason why those "evil" Americans have such a large carbon footprint because the USA is the world's bread basket, and producing food requires energy. According to the globalists, feeding other people makes Americans selfish and evil.
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