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Message Subject Why do you libertards NOW support Globalism, Big Govt, The Fed, Open Borders, and High Taxes? WTF is wrong you people?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I want to know I used to be a democrat when we stood for free speech, secured borders, and oversight of the Federal Reserve, and low tax for the middle class...

Know you support the most evil sick shit every like teaching kids transgender shit, end of free speech, gun control,fake enviromental shit, politcal correctness, open borders...

These policies are destroy America and now we have shortage of housing and real estate is a bubble now....

LEGAL citizens can even get affordable house because of the illegal hoes pumping kids out left and right and you want the tax payers to pay for it!!! YOU PEOPLE ARE FUCKING SICK!!!!
 Quoting: Evil MFs 76635370

There is lots of theories but this is most likely the truth...

First, you have to understand the democratic party and their base are controlled by Satan, do the supporters if the Democrats realize this? No, most probably not.

Look at the things the Democrats support, abortions, gays, murder, transgenders, perversion, child molestation, Islam, destroying Christians and everything to do with God.

See you have to understand time is short Satan wants the Antichrist in power soon

The plan was Obama would come in, destroy the economy as much as possible without being to obvious, Obama was to glorify Islam which he did and make fun of God and Christians which he did, mocking the Bible and God many times, while praising Islam and muslims every chance he could get.

As we know Islam was created by Satan with lies he had spread around using Muhammed.

Now. Hillary was suppose to win easily, I mean this is Satans world and he controls it. Hillary was suppose to win, she knew it, Obama knew it, all the evil Democrats knew it, no way she could lose, Satan had already told her this and she was happy, she would come in to power and finish off what Obama had started, she would finish destroying the economy, she would finish off Christians, she would allow ISIS in to America, supporting Islam, and eventually sharia law.

This would open the door for the Antichrist to take power of the world

Once America has falling the world would soon follow

Once the world was in such desperation that they would accept a man with the promise to fix everything then the Antichrist could come in and take over

Was Obama coming back for a 3rd term? But this time he would rule the whole world?

So, God for whatever reason decided to delay the plans of Satan, as this maybe Satans World God still has a say and note power and can intervene when necessary.

God decided to delay their plans of bringing the Antichrist to power, because once Antichrist comes in to power it's pretty much over for man kind, chance of being saved at that point is very slim

God decided to let Trump come in and take power, now was Trump the most godly man? I'm not sure but that doesnt matter because God can use him and save him at the same time.

So, Trump won and Sayan was pissed he still is, the Antichrist is pissed all the Democrats pissed, their plan has been delayed. They believe they with the help of Satan will defeat God one day and they will have everlasting life in paradise.

Now dont get it wrong the Antichrist will take over eventually, Satan will win on earth, you will either bow down to Satan and take his mark or be killed.

Islam will rule as the one world religion

There will be a mark of the beast

Judgement day will come

When will these things happen? Well, of course it's up to how long God want to give us to come to him, this is the last chance time is short. We cant defeat or stop who and what will happen.

If God wanted to give us 4 years then 2021 will be the beginning of the end for us.

If God wants to give us 8 then we will have 4 more years after 2020.

Once the next Democrat takes power this person will lead us to destruction and the Antichrist in power

Will is be one of these 20 something who are running now?

Will it be a different group in 2024?

Point is this liberals are being controlled by Satan and support his ideology

Anything Satan approves of is what they love anything God approves of they dislike

Trump is a delay for humans to get right with God before it's to late

There is no fix

There is no stopping what's coming

God has already told us what's going to happen, end of story
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