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Message Subject Creepy Joe Biden promises to CURE CANCER if he's elected President !!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
They've kept the cure hidden for eons.

They created cancer and now know that People are waking up to the scam of the never ending 'research' for the cure.

Billions for research yet stillno cure.

Always the research dollars, never the cure...

Unless of course, they get Biden in and lo and behold breakthrough cures will start coming one after another.

They always have a plan, more than one, up their sleeves.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6655394

Curing or preventing a disease, does not make a profitable customer base. Treatment does. Why haven't there been any "genius" level scientists in about a 100 years! I am not including theoretical physicists like Hawking whose discoveries do not have a practical use.

We are still using "internal combustion" engines 170 years after they were invented. Tesla had already developed a whole new type of power, after inventing the Alternating Current motor.

Trillions of dollars spent on cancer research, and the best that they can come up with are treatments that are even more likely to kill you than the disease itself.

Scientists don't have the slightest idea what causes Autism, but they are sure it is not the reactions to vaccines!

Science today, is either corrupt...or stupid. (or both)
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