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Message Subject Trump to ABC News: "I think I'd take" information about 2020 opponent from Russia and China
Poster Handle Wondering Mind
Post Content
They would know more about their allied co-horts who would be his opponents than we would, or he would.
When you have their Government people listed on your personal cell phone as a contact for you, then you are not American at all.
You are a sell out and traitor to our Nation and Government.
There are many in this boat and all run the same charted territory like clones, systemic corruption galore.
It gets to the point it become a natural way of being and almost becomes normal and no need in even concealing it.
Blunders after blunders exposes it.
Trump has grounds to display to them the reflection that they are beholden to right back at them.
Not all in their camp grounds are like them only those long in the tooth and deep in their doo doo.
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