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Message Subject Jesus Christ was a Black Man and Prophet Muhammed was a White Man. You've all been played...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Christ was probably tan/brown from the Sun.

Back then, the Middle East was filled to the brim with blond haired, blue eyed, dark-tanned people, due to the Sun.

You see it in Jewish people who re-settleted the area who where pretty pale from the Northern climate in Europe.

My Grandma, who is 100% ethnic German American, after a year of living at Florida, and spending all her time gardening, came home(family reunion) looking dark like a Puerto Rican.

Heck, Ben Franklin became an anti German bigot, because German's weren't interested in the first German language newspaper he tried to start. So he spent the rest of his life shitting on them, calling them swarthy(dark), because they spent ALOT of time outside.

Being pale-White, was once a sign of royalty or nobility. Now? It is the end result of our modern society.

Christ though, wasn't an African though.

Arabs where and are a mixed people. Like the mestizo of Latin America. Some mestizo, can look fairly pale. Muhammoed may not of been an outright darkie, but he still has Sub-Saharan African admixture in him.

Besides, regardless of Christ's appearence, it doesn't change his message.


The koran was written by demons/fallen angels, so, of course they would take pot shots at Christ. Those types, are what we would call Cluster B folks(Psychopaths, Sociopaths and Narcissists).
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