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Message Subject The Anomaly VS The Demiurge. An act of LovE....
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The pyramids are time capsules of information....when you finally reach the appropriate level of consciousness you will be able to decipher their meaning....and base in the mathematics, architecture and astronomical data you will be able to decipher the level of civilization and technology accomplish long ago...
 Quoting: LuciferOsiris(SUN)

Long ago we manage to achieve a global government ...the pyramids all over the world prove this...we lost it because a natural catastrophe that flooded the world of that time...

 Quoting: LuciferOsiris(SUN)

The One Who Dreams is here.

Lucy, the pyramids around the world were built by Asuras who were fighting Devas.

Except the ones found in Egypt, that is.

The Great Pyramids of Egypt was first built by Lord Vishnu after he fell in love with a demonic Asura Goddess he was reincarnated to kill.

They produced a whole bunch of half animal and half human deities together and lived happily with not so much evil.

But they kept on slaughtering cows, so Lord Shiva arranged a holy cow named Apis to be born in their kingdom.

Apis asked deities why they were allowing cow slaughters in the country but they couldn't provide a proper answer for him.

So one day, Apis gathered more than 10,000 bulls and cows and gave bovines an ability to speak.

The cows asked humans why they were killing cows for consumption and everyone was terrified when they heard the cows speak.

Then the animals started attacking the city and torched everything.

Lord Vishnu and his wife's palace located in ancient Memphis was plundered and destroyed in process, and Apis ended up losing his life in battle along with his army of animals.

While not allowing Apis' body to be mummified, Lord Vishnu regained his senses and killed all half animal deities and Asuras, including his demonic Goddess wife.

He used multiple Brahmastras (nukes) to turn Egypt into desert and left.

Apis was famous for being giant and today you can find his sarcophagus that contained his bones.

[link to en.wikipedia.org (secure)]

This is the sarcophagus of Apis the holy cow.

[link to i.pinimg.com (secure)]

After this incident, the survivor of Vishnu's Brahmastras started worshiping cows, thinking the cow deity Apis was more powerful than their Gods.

It's a long story and the full story take weeks to tell.

Later the Egyptians built the Kingdom again and Vishnu's vehicle Garuda served the Kingdom as their God Horus.

[link to sanatanadham.blogspot.com]

They were wiped out by Mahadevsura, Lord Shiva (Mahadev) who turned into father of all demons by Avalokiteshvara, in order to turn the entire world evil for the arrival of Kalki in Kali Yuga.
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