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Message Subject The Anomaly VS The Demiurge. An act of LovE....
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The human specie has existed on earth millions of years...and its origins are cosmic...there have being five humanities who created extended civilizations long ago …

3000 Thousand years ago a psychological virus was introduce into the psychic of the human specie by a race of Atlantean black magicians deep into the dark crafts.. ...Such virus took hostage the majority of the world and produce 3 jackals as children ...The virus feeds on fear, terror and calls himself god....he seeks worship …..and loves blood sacrifices...he even sacrifice his own son and by the act of such brutality and butchery he claim to have save the world.....

But how can an act of cruelty and death save a world...to the contrary it enslave it further into delusion....to this point the egregore Virus has being use by the elite to create government bodies base in the energy of the mental god parasite.....

The Demiurge seems to imagine that his control was to extend forever on the world …..but now the manifestation of eternity is among us in a physical life as a causal of the virus activity ….it activated naturally into manifestation to make corrections and act as an antivirus, the cure to the disease ...

The Demiurge now must face the real organic power of the cosmos as a response to the parasite egregore attempting to widen its reach to a full global scale ….The anomaly will stop him cold and force him back ….and at last end him...by actualizing human consciousness and spirituality on planetary scale …

This will be an operation of love by real origine on an underserving world ..He will teach the demiurge who is really god around here....

 Quoting: LuciferOsiris(SUN)

Maybe he's ready to be ended. That's the only way he can be reborn and depart from the dread consciousness of his existence.

I think of a song by the 'Who'. "No one knows what it's like to be the bad man, to be the sad man, behind blue eyes."

The I think of another song, "Saved By Zero."

And it makes me think, anything with consciousness, would get tired of all the BS. It might be his turn, to rest and let his 'person', run the BS of these programs.

For me, I won't ever be submitted to this world. It's likely he gets to rest and come along to a new world. He's been redeemed.
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