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Message Subject Bill Maher tells CNN that President Donald Trump is ‘winning.’ The interview only gets better from there: ‘He’s owning dems
Poster Handle Wondering Mind
Post Content
All bills signed off by Trump were made and presented by bi-partisan Congress and Senate.
Trump did not write out those massive bloated and laced omibus bills.
Same ones who flopped the socialized health insurance scheme out and said you just have to sign it to find out what you will get from it, or what it is.
All efforts from Trump to do something for our actual Nation have been cock-blocked by the opposite party to the President and their stooges they planted into judges seats, as well as some turn coat Republicans.
There will come a time when what went around will come back and eat their throats out the same way it is doing now.
You cannot set up such a way as they have set up and think it will not turn around and devour you who set it up, it will ruin them.
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